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Architecture industry

The company provides stable electric guarantee for industry, commerce, civil architecture with quality and intelligent product.

Ultra high-rise power supply and distribution solutions

1. Improve safe and reliable power supply, self-contained emergency power supply that can run continuously;
2. Reasonable distribution mode
3. Safety, durability, comfort

Building Intelligent System

On the platform of intelligent power grid user-end energy management system, intelligent monitoring software as a management system, through the power information management terminals, the subsystems on the base are integrated and formed into intelligent building science, efficient, energy-saving and environmental protection solutions.

Project case

Wushenqi Power Supply Co., Ltd
State Grid Mudanjiang Power Supply Company
Guangdong Power Grid Co., Ltd. Meizhou Power Supply Bureau
State Grid Zhejiang Electric Power Company Material Branch
Guangxi Water Conservancy and Electric Industry Group Co., Ltd.
 State Grid Hebei Electric Power Company