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Whole-sealed Type Distribution Power Transformer



Product introduction:
• Kind: Outdoor Type
• Normal use Environment:日evation less than 1000m; Temperature Range :-25℃--- +40℃
• Especial Environment: Elevation more than 1000m; Temperature Range :-45°C --- +40℃
• Installation Site: Nothing corrodent air, noting obvious dirty mark.
Executive Standard
•  GB1094.1-2-1996
•  GB1094.3,5-2003
•  GB1094.4-2005

•  GB/T6451-2008

Type and Signification


• Comparison of the series transformer and s9 transformer,no-Lead Loss is reduced by an average of about 30%.
• we adopt structure of canister type or helix type at capacity rang 630kv to 2000kv for Low voltage coil; they are high machine intensity, balance distribution, good capacity of anti- short circuit.
• we add a orientation structure, which make it don* t occur to move in the transport; accordingly add a nut in the product which makes sure the part don* t fall down in function.
• The ripple gasoline rank instead of oil cabinet, sealing the cabinet cover with cabinet edge, which extends the oil service life.
• Spurting the varnish on the product after getting rig of the rust and oil mark, which make the product can used in special environment.
• Using whole-seal gasoline tank, fixing release valve, signal thermometer and gas relay which make sure the product run safely. The series of product have feature of nice appearance, small size which are the idea product free from maintenance.

Technical Paraweters

Note: 1 .Load loss in the table below the diagonal values for Dyn11 connection group of products.
2. Technical parameters of 10kV distribution transformer for lafge capacity,size and weight data, please contact us.
3. Can provide various voltage transformec short circuit impedance, coupling mode according to the user demand
4. Table weight and size data for reference only, are subject to change without notice

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